Financial Planner Vs Financial Advisor

When it comes to choosing financial professionals, one is sure to get confused how to choose someone you can trust. As there are so many titles in the financial industry, one is sure to get confused as they cannot decide who will fit into their financial situation. The two most popular titles in this industry are financial planner and financial advisor. These two job roles require experience and educational qualification. People often make a mistake of considering these two different designations as one. But the truth is, financial advisor and financial planner are investment professionals but are two separate job titles that serve different purpose for a client’s financial needs.

Financial Planner

A financial planner helps business owners and individuals to meet their financial objectives. After a thorough analysis of client’s financial status, devises a detailed plan to make the set financials goals meet. They are qualified and certified financial professionals. They have to clear examinations, earn work experience and license to be a financial planner.

The expertise of a financial planner lies in the following areas:

  1. Risk Management
  2. Retirement / Estate Planning
  3. Tax Planning
  4. Asset Allocation

Financial Advisor

A financial advisor assists you in managing your money. They give you sound financial advice. They help their clients to take wise decisions for managing their funds. In exchange of a commission a financial advisor will manages financial activities on behalf of the client. They also offer consulting services. The duties of a financial advisor are:

  1. Assessing clients’ current and future investment goals.
  2. Buying, selling and promoting financial products.
  3. Educating, counseling and consulting for investments and finances.
  4. Developing investment strategies for clients.

A financial planner and advisor both require qualifying examinations to be a professional financial solution provider and obtain a certificate (CFP).

Before hiring a financial professional it is recommended to do a thorough online research, look for the reviews of a financial advisor or a planner and the one with good reviews should be taken into consideration. When you will do your homework before availing services of a financial advisor or planner, you can protect yourself against fraud. You can extract information from news online and make your decision of choosing a financial advisor or planner wisely.

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